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Our color matching experts are here to help you with your next painting project. From a beautiful array of color options to custom colors that can be matched by our computer system, we have the paint for you.


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Lemhi Lumber is a full service retail lumber, hardware, and building materials dealer located in Salmon, Idaho.

We can help you build your dream home or remodel your bathroom or kitchen, add a deck, a new roof, siding, or garage door, build a new bedroom or family room, or finish your basement. And, we have the hand tools, power tools, building materials and hardware to get the job done.

Through the loyalty of our customers and dedicated employees we have been in operation serving Lemhi County, Idaho since 1939 offering quality products at an affordable price.

Just ask! We’ll go the extra mile to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Choose the Correct Roller for Your Next Paint Project

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Paint Sheen Differences And Which One to Use

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