This question gets asked so often. It’s especially worrisome to those who don’t know what the existing paint is that they are covering. Since we carry quality Valspar Paint, I went to their website and checked out the answer to this common question.

Here is what Valspar has to say:

“With today’s advanced acrylic resin technology, the question of oil over latex or latex over oil has literally become a concern of the past.

The better quality, 100% acrylic paints that are manufactured today offer very good adhesion over most surfaces. The most important rule to follow is this: Any glossy surface, whether you’re using a glossy latex or oil-based paint, must be properly prepared before applying any primer or top coat paint. In the case of glossiness, simply sand the surface to “rough it up” and wipe away the sanding dust with a damp cloth and repaint.”

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