Hot scorching days are just around the corner. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Waking up to the sweet melody of birds singing outside my window reminds me to add fresh water to our bird bath.

Birds prefer fresh clean water, and it is important for their health. Fresh water in a clean birdbath can help prevent disease from spreading to the birds. Maintaining your bird feeder with fresh water can also deter those pesky mosquitoes, gnats and other insects.

How to Clean your Bird Bath Safely

Clean your bird bath outdoors and always wear rubber gloves to avoid any contamination during the process. If your bird bath is really dirty you may want to wear a face mask while spraying water and scrubbing.

  • Dump out any water currently in the bird bath. Be sure that the water spreads out evenly and not in a puddle, so that birds or other animals will not drink old scummy water.
  • Gently scrub the bird bath with a soft scrub brush or disposable rag. You can also use a pressure attachment of a hose, just be sure the spray doesn’t come back at you.
  • Mix 1 part chlorine bleach with 9 parts water. Use this solution to scrub the bird bath thoroughly. If the bird bath is very dirty, let the bleach solution soak for a while, but cover the bath during this time to prevent birds or other animals from getting into the bird bath.
  • Using a hose with sprayer attachment, rinse the bird bath completely until there is no more bubbling and no strong chlorine bleach odor.
  • Set the bird bath in bright sunlight to dry completely. This will allow the remaining chlorine (from the bleach) to break down and not contaminate the fresh water you add to the bird bath.

Maintaining the Birdbath

Add fresh water to the bird bath daily. Rinse bird bath between regular cleanings using a jet or pressure hose setting. The benefits to taking care of your bird bath are:

  • Provide a safe drinking and bathing place for your backyard birds.
  • Prevent algae growth in the bird bath.
  • Prevent mosquito eggs from hatching.
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