DIY project to proudly display a cool piece of rustic art and pride in your country at the same time. What a great way to use left over wood shims.

(5) 6” Wood Shims (40 shims needed) TIP: Buy a couple extra bags to weed out damaged shims
(1) 12”x24” Plywood
(1) Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain – Crimson
(1) Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain – Indigo
(1) Minwax White Wash Pickling Wood Stain
(1) 4 oz Gorilla Wood Glue
(3) 1” Foam Brush
(1) White Upholstery Nails
(1) Natural Cotton Twine
(1) 220 Grit Sand Paper

Additional Tools

Latex Gloves

You can download instructions complete with pictures here > DIY Rustic Wood Shim Flag

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