As we say good bye to summer and welcome back brisk fall days it’s time to prepare for the cold winter days ahead. The following is a list of ideas to help your home remain comfortable through the winter months.

Inspect Chimney and Fireplace

The creosote that builds up in a chimney can easily cause a fire. Make sure to inspect or have your chimney inspected by a chimney sweep before lighting the first fire of the season.  See more > Chimney Cleaning Tools

Inspect Heating System

Have your heating system checked by a licensed heating professional.

Roof Inspection & Clean Gutters

Last winter brought mounds and mounds of snow. If you haven’t checked already it may be a good idea to check your roof and repair any cracks, broken or missing shingles and unsealed or missing screws in your metal roof. It’s best to repair any damage now to avoid repairs during the cold winter months. While you are up on the ladder ensure the gutters are free of debris and leaves.

Inspect Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide, & Fire Extinguishers

Replace batteries in all the detectors in your home. They should be replaced every 6 months. Check to ensure your fire extinguisher expiration date has not expired.

Inspect Water Pipes

Recently we have seen extremely cold winters. Many homes last winter even experienced many problems due to frozen pipes. Consider wrapping your pipes with fitted insulation or heat tape that easily wraps around pipes. If the cost is prohibitive to doing all of your pipes, try to wrap the ones closest to the outdoors or ones most likely to freeze.  See More > Pipe Insulation

Inspect Window and Door Seals

On a cool day, take walk around your home placing your hand along window and door edges feeling for any breezes flowing through. Mark any breezy spots with a piece of blue painters tape (using painter’ tape can help to ensure you don’t permanently mar your window trims) so that you can come back later and repair with window or door sealant. If you discover a window that cracked, or broken, seriously consider replacing the window. See more > Weatherproofing

Yard Maintenance

Turn off water to outside faucets and drain them to help prevent the outside pipes from ice damage. Disconnect garden hoses, draining any residual water, unroll any kinks, roll up hose and tie with rope or string. Store hoses coiled in a dry place.

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