Our pack rats may be cute, but they are smelly, messy, disgusting little creatures. Pack rats and mice enjoy nesting in wood piles. I discovered an interesting video on CBS while browsing around the internet. It was a video about Prepping Your Home for the fall season featuring Matt Bladshaw host of DIY network’s “Blog Cabin”. In this video he talks about how to deter critters from nesting in wood piles. Since most of us burn wood, I paid attention.

He featured the Dalen Owls which are hand painted and made right here in the USA! Owls are a nature’s deterrent to pests. This is a fairly new approach to chemical-free pest control. These owl decoys protect lawns and gardens from pests. The Dalen SOL-R Owl stole the show. So I was interested and decided to find this owl. I sure didn’t have to look far. You can find these owls and have them delivered Free-Ship -To-Store at your friendly, local Lemhi Lumber store.

The Great Horned Owl, also called Big Hoot Owl, Cat Owl and King Owl can be used to scare off birds and other small predators in all kinds of situations. Letters have been received from happy customers who report that the Dalen Great Horned Owl™ scared away birds pecking at their windows, birds nesting in inconvenient locations around their homes, and birds pooping on their clean boats. Since the Great Horned Owl™ is one of nature’s most feared predators, we’ve also received mail from customers who are delighted that their owl’s presence near the cherries, blueberries and other fruit they are growing for their table seems to scare away trouble and prevent damage to their crops. Click to read more about the The Great Horned Owl Story here.

Shop online for these beautiful owls, effective at deterring critters from nesting in our wood piles. Or stop in at Lemhi Lumber and we will order them in for you!

Gardener Rotating Head Owl

Gardener Rotating-Head Great Horned Owl Pest Repellent Decoy
Item #: 755980

Natural enemy scarecrow. Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes to give the maximum realism and effectiveness in protecting gardens, fruits, and vegetables. Plastic construction, hand painted lifelike coloring. Approximately 18″ tall.

Owl Lawn OrnamentGardener Great Horned Owl Lawn Ornament Pest Repellent Decoy
Item #: 743720

Natural enemy scarecrow. Heavy-duty molded plastic construction. Owl is hand-painted for maximum realism. Scares birds, rabbits, rodents, and other pests. Use in gardens, fruit trees, roofs and eaves. Attractive and will not harm garden pests or the environment. Blow molded and hand painted. 16″ tall.

Gardener Solar OwlGardener Solar Owl Pest Repellent Decoy
Item #: 762823

A new approach to chemical-free pest control. The solar owl protects lawns and gardens from pests with timed, solar-powered movement. Power is generated by solar cell with secondary power derived from the wind. Made from recycled materials, safe, and humane. No internal battery and no batteries need to be added. 18″ tall.


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