When our power tools start not working properly, it may be they just need a good cleaning. The following is a general guideline to maintaining small power tools. Always double check your manufacturers guidelines.


Power tool batteries can lose a charge when not in use. If you only use power tools once in a while, then check the batteries and recharge before you need to use them. (Batteries need to be recharged at around 70% capacity before you can use them efficiently.) Check the battery terminals for breakage or moisture. It’s a good idea to store your batteries in their original cases if possible, if not, ensure they are stored in a dry place free of dust.

General Cleaning

Power tools are exposed to sawdust, dirt, and moisture and should be cleaned after each use to avoid a break down and to keep them running efficiently. Before cleaning, remove the battery or unplug the tool from the wall outlet.

Deep Cleaning

Periodically you will need to deep clean the tool and its case. Blow out the exhausts, intakes, decks, and undersides with compressed air. For hard to reach areas like air intake slots and toggle switches you can use a cotton swab or toothbrush. Moisten a clean cloth and wipe down the entire tool. Avoid getting any water on the motor. For best performance and to prevent rust lubricate moving parts with machine oil or manufacturer’s recommended oil.


Inspect your power tools for wear or damage. Replace frayed cords to prevent electric shock to you or a fire. Replace any bent or loose prongs. Check the chuck on drills for corrosion or debris. Ensure moving parts move easily. Replace saw blades if needed.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your power tools will make them last longer and perform better. It only takes a few minutes to maintain them before putting your tools away after each use. Clean them off, blow pressurized air in the air vents and rub with a light coat of WD-40 oil before putting them away.

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