Paint comes in several sheens from flat to high-gloss and the higher the sheen, the more durable the paint. While there are certain paints for certain applications, it is really your personal preference that will determine which one you use.

Flat Paints – Hide Imperfections
Ideal for low traffic areas such as formal dining room, formal living room, or bedrooms and closets.

Flat paints have practically no gloss. This is paint finish is ideal for hiding surface imperfections. Flat paints are difficult to clean and will show marks and scuffs. This finish is desirable for ceilings or for rooms with low traffic or use.

Eggshell Paints – Softer Appearance Than Flat Paint
Great for bedrooms and living rooms.

Eggshell Paints are the next step up in the paint sheens. Eggshell paint is generally used for wall as it gives some durability but offers a softer look than flat paint. This paint is long-lasting, easier to maintain than flat paint, and hides imperfections.

Satin Paints –Warm Finish With Slight Sheen
Ideal for high traffic areas including living room, dining room, hallways and kid’s bedrooms.

Satin Paints offer good coverage. This paint will show some imperfections. Satin paint is easier to clean then egg shell. Satin paint offers good stain and scrub resistance qualities. It has a nice luster with a much softer look than semi-gloss or gloss paint.

Semi-Gloss Paints – Shiny, Durable, & Washable
Ideal for trim, woodwork, cabinetry, kitchens, bathrooms, garage, utility rooms, and recreation rooms

Semi-gloss paints are best known for their excellent stain and scrub resistant qualities. This paint is ideal for all rooms, but is mostly used for wood trim and cabinetry. Semi-gloss offers a lustrous look as it reflects more light than the previous sheens however, it may show more imperfections in the walls.

Gloss – Very Shiny and Most Durable
Gloss paint is the best choice to highlight doors, furniture, trim and other architectural elements.

Gloss paint is the most durable and easiest to clean of all the paint sheens. This paint sheen is not a good choice for walls as it reflects way too much light and also show every single flaw.

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