George and Susan Blodgett had a beautiful deck on the back of their home. However beautiful, the deck was built in levels, and they wanted to put in a hot tub. Considering there wasn’t a level wide enough to accommodate the new hot tub, they decided to remodel the deck into one large level.

This then led to a desire to have shade over the new hot tub. They decided a pergola would be ideal.This allows for light and shade on hot summer afternoons. The new deck was built with redwood and this gorgeous pergola was built with redwood and glu-lam beams which will stand up against the Idaho winds.


George has a herd of deer that live on their property. George loves his deer.


Susan was not happy with the deer getting on her deck, eating her flowers. Her contractor suggested using hog wire as fencing trimmed with redwood around the deck. This allows for full view of the scenery surrounding their home, and best of all allows Susan to enjoy her flowers during the summer as the deer can’t get on the deck any more.

Hog Wire Fencing

George also found beautiful outdoor chairs and propane fire pit in our Lemhi Lumber / Do it Best catalog. He even talked Fred (store manager) into putting the chairs and fire pit together for him.

Enjoying the deck

Susan says she really likes the chairs because not only are they extremely sturdy and very comfortable, they also swivel. George and Susan really enjoy their evening hot tub soak and their gorgeous views sitting in front of the cozy fire.

Outdoor furniture

I asked Susan why they chose to shop locally for their materials. Susan answered “We choose to support local businesses and like the personal relationships built with the people and George loves the people and customer service at Lemhi Lumber.”



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