Warm summer days are coming soon. And for most of us that means grilling season! It’s time to fire up the grill for sizzling steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, and veggies on the grill. When it is time to buy a grill and you enter the hardware store to make your purchase, you will be first have to decide which type of grilling you prefer. This could be gas, charcoal or even a smoker.  Lemhi Lumber in Salmon Idaho has a great selection of grills and accessories to kick off the summer grilling season. 

Lemhi Lumber Grills


Propane Gas Grills –

In our house, we like the gas grill. Why, because it is clean, quick and so easy to use! We only have to step out onto the deck, turn on the grill, wait for it to heat up, and we’re ready to start grilling. Clean up is easy and there are no ashes to dispose of.  We enjoy a delicious grilled dinner, then we quickly rub the metal brush over the grate and we’re done!

Gas Grill

Tip – How to check to see if your propane tank is running low without unhooking it from your grill.

Take a warm glass of water and pour it over the top of your propane tank, then just rub your hand along the side of the tank. As you glide your hand down the tank you will feel the temperature change suddenly to cold. When you feel this cold, you are at the approximate area of the propane fuel. This will give you an idea of about how much fuel you have left!

Charcoal Grill

When we go camping, it is fun to spend a little more time preparing our dinner. Joking and laughing while we tend to the coals. We have been camping for years, and to this day it still amazes me how much more fun it is to prepare meals outdoors. Not once do I miss my cozy kitchen filled with the cool gadgets to make meal preparation easier. The best part is savoring every bite of the smoky, rich taste of charcoal grilled food. The dry, white-hot heat of charcoal sears meat quickly, which helps to create the caramelized, crusty goodness on the outside of the meat and  the smoky flavor.There is so much more flavor in every bite!

Charcoal Grilling


The Smoker

When my husband announces he is going to use the smoker, I immediately begin to anticipate the tender, flavorful, juicy, smoky meat that will emerge from the smoker. Yes it is an all afternoon affair, that begins the night before. He likes to experiment with different recipes to tenderize the meat the night before. He has the type of smoker which needs watching to keep the heat steady, but he really enjoys this process. Although he has been hinting that he would like to upgrade to the pellet smoker which automatically adds the pellets to keep the heat even. Hmmm, Father’s Day is coming soon, I see another trip to Lemhi Lumber in my future!

Grill Smokers

You can enjoy great grilling over either gas or charcoal flames.  Whether you choose gas or charcoal, you’ll want to consider purchasing the best grill you can afford. The higher-end models tend to cost more up-front. In the long run they will pay off in terms of durability, maintenance and quality.

Grilling Accessories

Lemhi Lumber has a wonderful collection of grilling accessories, gadgets, charcoals, pellets, grill covers and more to enhance your grilling experience. Stop in and see us or order online and enjoy Free-Ship-to-Store!

Grill Accessories

Happy Grilling

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